What Is Tinnitus?

What Is TinnitusAre you suffering from a ringing sound that occurs in your ears? You know it is happening, but no one else can hear it. Even worse, you don’t know what the cause of it is or why it may be happening to you. Tinnitus is the term used to describe this type of ringing in the ears. Some people just hear noise, not necessarily a ringing sound. In all situations, that sound is present and there may be the need for you to do something about it. Your first step should be to talk to an LCSW-R in New York City for the treatment and diagnosis that you need.

Understanding What’s Happening

What Is Tinnitus?About 1 in every 5 people suffer from tinnitus. This condition is common, but it does not necessarily cause problems for most people who suffer from it. Tinnitus isn’t actually a condition or disease itself. Rather, it is generally the symptom you are having related to an underlying condition. There are various conditions that can worsen this type of symptom. For example those who are older with age-related hearing loss may suffer from it more frequently. Those who have an ear injury or those who have a circulatory system disorder may also have this condition. However, it can happen to anyone at any age.

When to Get Help

It may not sound like a big problem at first. For many people, it is not a sign of some underlying health condition or injury. However, it can be bothersome. It becomes especially concerning when the condition seems to worsen over time or it may be so frequent that it impacts your day to day life or quality of life. If you find that it is impacting your day, then it is time to seek out help for it. Treating the condition is often possible, though it may not completely remove the occurrence for good. However, there are some treatments that can help those who are suffering from this condition.

What Is Tinnitus?If you are suffering from tinnitus or want to find out if you are, your first step is to visit an LCSW-R to learn more about your needs. Often, patients can see significant improvement from this type of treatment and it can give you more of a traditional quality of life as well. It’s important to invest in a top LCSW-R in New York City for the best help available.

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