Things That Can Trigger Tinnitus

What are the main things that can trigger tinnitus? Tinnitus is a condition that causes ringing in an individual’s ears. The condition could result from an individual’s age or be a symptom of a more serious health concern. Furthermore, the sounds that people with tinnitus hear do not result from any external sounds.

Things That Can Trigger Tinnitus

Instead, the noises result from damage to the inner ear’s tiny hairs. These damaged hairs will send a different signal to your brain, essentially controlling how you hear sound. These small hairs can likely be damaged due to injuries, lack of blood circulation, or even old age.

Tinnitus can be a temporary condition, or it could turn into a permanent condition. However, people can be more careful by understanding what causes the ringing in an individual’s ears.

Triggers for Tinnitus

Multiple factors could trigger tinnitus in an individual. Therefore, by understanding each trigger, individuals can avoid certain situations or be more careful. Some of these triggers include:

High Blood Pressure

The first possible trigger for tinnitus could be an individual’s blood pressure issues. More specifically, an individual with high blood pressure could likely have to deal with tinnitus. Furthermore, hardening of the arteries or rising blood pressure in the short term due to stress, nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol can also trigger the condition.

Hen blood vessel close to the inner and middle ear becomes less elastic; your blood flow can be much stronger and seem much louder. This condition is called Pulsatile Tinnitus.

TMJ Issues

TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, can also lead to tinnitus since the joint connects to the middle ear through multiple nerves and ligaments. One of the major signs of TMJ is the popping sound that most people can hear when chewing.

Sinus and Ear Infection

One of the major reasons that people suffer from temporary tinnitus is because of a sinus or ear infection. People who will often be dealing with the common cold are very likely to hear ringing in their ears until they can recover.

These infections add pressure to the sinus, affecting an individual’s hearing. This type of temporary tinnitus will likely go away within a week as individuals eventually heal from the common cold. However, if you can heal from other common cold symptoms but still struggle with tinnitus, you should visit a physician immediately.

Too Much Earwax

A common reason why people might have tinnitus is that they have too much earwax in their ear canals. The body produces this wax to protect an individual’s ears from dust and dirt. However, people must clean their ears regularly since excess buildup can affect their hearing ability.

If you have too much ear wax built up into your, you should avoid trying to get it out yourself. Instead, visit a professional who will remove the excess gunk very gently.

Common Things That Can Trigger Tinnitus

Loud Noises

This specific trigger can be especially dangerous for individuals since they cannot control their environment. So far, loud noises are one of the leading causes of tinnitus, and it can usually include various noises such as music, sudden loud bursts, objects clattering, and crashing cars. Engine backfiring can also contribute to tinnitus.

The ringing that people are experiencing could happen in one or both ears, with the damage being temporary or permanent.

Things That Can Trigger Tinnitus: Conclusion

Tinnitus can be a heavy daily burden for those with the condition. Luckily there are effective cognitive tinnitus treatments that can lessen or even cure the condition. Knowing the common triggers can also help manage tinnitus.

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