Tinnitus in Senior Citizens

As people start aging, you tend to notice drastic health changes, and unfortunately, those changes are for the worst. Weaker eyesight, unable to walk longer, and reduced hearing are just a few health issues that come with old age. The elderly also start to irritate quicker as they experience different health symptoms. However, one of the most common health issues in senior citizens is tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a tingling sound in the ear. This sound can get so out of control that it disrupts your ability to hear properly or carry out chores. There is still research going on as to why tinnitus is so prevalent in senior citizens. Regardless, there are a few things that might offer answers as to why it is so common among senior citizens. If you want to learn more about senior citizens struggling with tinnitus and how to help them out, keep reading.

Tinnitus in Senior Citizens

Causes of Tinnitus in Senior Citizens

As mentioned above, research as to the main cause behind tinnitus in senior citizens is still not substantial. There are still a few possible causes that may be the reason behind the occurrence of tinnitus in old people.

Heavy Consumption of Medication

As you grow older and start to experience different health issues, most doctors start to prescribe different medications. These medicines are usually heavy. Many senior citizens have to take a number of tablets at once to help prevent further health complications. Due to the high consumption of medicines, like aspirin, a tingling sound in the ears is a common side effect. Antibiotics are also one of the main reasons why they experience tinnitus.

Old Age

Senior citizens usually have to deal with poor hearing as they age, as that is a part of aging. Tinnitus is often a symptom that correlates with older age. Hence, old age could be one of the possible causes of tinnitus.

Loud Noises

As senior citizens usually have to deal with poor hearing, sudden exposure to loud sounds could lead to tinnitus. Their bodily functions of senior citizens aren’t that strong enough to take in loud sounds.

Medical Issues

As you start to age, there are many health issues that arise. Medical conditions like blood pressure, tumors, injuries, and allergies are very common in senior citizens. And these conditions may lead to tinnitus.

Treatments for Tinnitus in Senior Citizens

The good thing about tinnitus is that you can seek treatment options for it. However, these treatments might are only effective in certain cases. If you’re struggling with tinnitus due to any other reason than a medical condition, then medical help is your best option.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

A senior citizen can get help from a trained hearing professional. They can offer tinnitus retraining therapy, which consists of sound therapy and counseling. THz treatment takes around 18 months but is very effective depending on the expertise of the trainer.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive retraining therapy is a very common type of treatment for tinnitus. In this process, they replace your negative thoughts with positive ones to relieve tinnitus. These treatments also consist of managing your stress levels and relaxing, as that can also help control them.

Hearing Aid

Many senior citizens opt for hearing aids, especially those who struggle with hearing loss as well. Hearing aids help increase a persons’ ability to hear, and at the same time, mask sounds and symptoms of tinnitus.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is also an effective treatment for tinnitus in senior citizens. This treatment consists of using calming sounds like musical notes or a flowing stream. These sounds block the unpleasant sounds and feel of tinnitus. You will have a small radio or device near you playing soothing sounds, and all you have to do is listen and relax.

Tinnitus in Senior Citizens treatment

The Best Way to Help Senior Citizens with Tinnitus

Senior citizens are at a very vulnerable age. While they may be experiencing all the symptoms of tinnitus, it doesn’t have to stay that way. There are many other health conditions that might be responsible; it could be a simple wax build-up in the ear. The emergence of different health conditions is common in the elderly. Hence, this is why you must show them to a proper ENT specialist who will give the right diagnosis. Diagnosing on your own without any medical background is the last thing you should think about doing. Professional help will help detect and treat the problem in senior citizens.

Tinnitus in Senior Citizens: The Bottom-Line

Tinnitus in senior citizens is very common. If you have a relative complaining about a tingling sound in the ear, then they should seek immediate help.

For the best treatment for senior citizens with tinnitus, get in touch with Tinnitus Cognitive Center™. With their advanced healing techniques, they will help you get through tinnitus.

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