Can Listening to Music on Your Headphones Cause Tinnitus?

Headphones and Tinnitus

Headphones are a pair of pieces of a sound system that worn inside the confined eardrum. But sometimes excessive use of headphones can lead to cause a hearing-loss issue. Frequently listening to loud music can even give you annoying tinnitus and cause permanent damage to your ear nerves. Use of headphones while sleeping is also affected you hearing ability due to high exposure to different frequencies.

About one-third of the population of America is suffering from tinnitus as they are habitual of listening to the music through headphones. Many cases of tinnitus have been reported due to the overexposure to loud noise. The confined sound emission system of headphones can also cause irreversible damage which is often called as sensorineural.

Effect Of Headphones

Many ear infection and hearing loss problem has arisen worldwide during the past few years due to the uncontrollable use of headphones. The high-intensity features of headphones can also trigger acoustic trauma which can cause ringing in the ear and other health effects such as cardiovascular illness, sleeplessness, and reduced cognitive function.

Listening to loud music on continuous and intermitted basis can lead to ultimate tinnitus because hearing disability is the topmost cause of tinnitus. Headphones are not itself is the cause of tinnitus but comes in the list of causes. Moreover, ear buds also play the same role as headphone does.

If you have existing tinnitus symptoms, don’t ruin your eardrum more by listening to music because your central auditory filtrating system is not working in this condition. Persist high volume noise can permanently harm tympanic membrane of your ear.

But listening without the headphones will not cause serious harm to your hearing nerve, in fact, it helps you to conceal the annoying tinnitus ringing. That’s why many tinnitus treatment therapies have music aid in the list because it gives you pleasing and relaxing effect. Earmuffs, nature sound and other ambient sound is also effective in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus.

Some of the excellent headphones are available in stores which have controlled volume system, low bass and other excellent features which will not render your enjoyable activities such as rock concert and parties.

Involving healthy practices in life before it’s late to control tinnitus. Hearing aids and safe standard of listening music will also help to combat the effects.

Bottom Line

If you are not a regular user of headphones or rarely listen to songs on it, you are still not safe from tinnitus. I must say that you are still vulnerable to it because many auditory systems and speakers are ringing in your surroundings that can also put you in the line of susceptibility. But you can keep yourself safe from these dangerous effects of noise by wearing personal protective equipment. If you are a musician or singer, try not to expose yourself to noise, as it can permanently hider your professional abilities.

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