Misophonia Treatment

What is Misophonia?

Misophonia means “hatred of sound.” This neuropsychiatric disorder results in negative emotions that are triggered by certain sounds to which the patient is sensitive. An experienced tinnitus treatment psychotherapist, like Stephen Geller Katz, LCSW-R, can help you adapt to this condition.

Misophonia might cause people to have a negative emotional reaction like anger or disgust when they hear a sound like typing, throat clearing, or sniffling. The sound can be very innocuous, but the person who suffers from misophonia typically has a central nervous system reaction that is similar to what that person might experience from a more obviously negative stimulus, like a gunshot or a growling dog.misophonia

The type of reaction people experience when they are exposed to something threatening or frightening is known as a fight or flight reflex. This reflex can result in sweating, rapid heart rate, and tension in the muscles. People with misophonia may have this type of reaction to, for example, chewing sounds. Some people with misophonia may feel compelled to mimic the noxious sound, which appears to reduce their distress. These behaviors are similar to behaviors seen with obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Misophonia is a rare disorder, but if you suffer from misophonia, you will need effective treatment. Stephen Geller Katz, LCSW-R of xxxx,xxxx is a leading Manhattan, NYC, tinnitus treatment psychotherapist , and can advise you of your treatment options.

What Triggers Misophonia?

Misophonia is triggered by different sounds in each person. For this reason, the disorder is known as a selective sound sensitivity syndrome. Not only can sound trigger the disorder, but some people may have reactions to repetitive motion, such as when they see someone fidgeting. Dr. xxxx is a leading Manhattan tinnitus treatment psychotherapist who can help you reduce your neuropsychiatric reactions to noxious sounds, using special psychotherapeutic techniques.

What Causes Misophonia?

Current medical thought about misophonia is that the disorder may be both related to how your brain reacts to specific sounds, and how your body then reacts automatically to signals from the brain

How Can Misophonia Be Treated?

misophoniaBecause there is a psychological and a physical component to misophonia, doctors like Stephen Geller Katz, LCSW-R successfully use sound therapy combined with psychological treatment like counseling and even antidepressants. Lifestyle changes are very important to help you manage your disorder. People with misophonia benefit from reduction of stress, and Dr. xxxx also advises his patients with misophonia to exercise regularly and to get an adequate amount of sleep.

Treatment of misophonia may include sound therapy. Sometimes Dr. xxxx will use a machine to generate white sound in order to minimize the person’s awareness of the sounds that trigger the discomfort. Cognitive behavioral therapy may be appropriate for management of the patient’s reactions to the offensive sounds.

Stephen Geller Katz, LCSW-R Treats Patients With Misophonia

If you suffer from “hatred of sound,” help is available. Dr. xxxx, a leading tinnitus treatment psychotherapist in New York City, can advise you of your options. Misophonia has a significant effect on your life, and we can help.

Stephen Geller Katz, LCSW-R specializes in treatment of patients with misophonia, a rare condition. If you suffer from this condition, consider a consultation with Stephen Geller Katz, LCSW-R, an experienced tinnitus treatment psychotherapist in NYC. Stephen Geller Katz, LCSW-R can make an accurate diagnosis and will help you find the best possible treatment for your misophonia.

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