Ringing In The Ears From Tinnitus

Have you been experiencing a nonstop sensation of ringing in the ears lately? The annoyance resulting from these sounds is not ordinary. It is so intense that it turns into a medical condition and needs immediate care. If you feel that way, you may be suffering from Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a disorder in which patients feel a continuous buzzing or ringing noise that makes them extremely annoyed.

Causes of Ringing In The Ears

ringing-in-the-ears-tinnitus-info-01The cause of this condition can be exposure to loud and long-term noise that damages the sensory hair cells present in the cochlea inside your ear.

Other causes of tinnitus include thick wax build-up inside your ear that does not let the hair cells function, head injury or taking aspirin frequently. Another cause may be the consumption of excessive caffeine. Tinnitus is a result of an underlying hearing loss problem.

High blood pressure also leads towards the development of Tinnitus. Stress, alcohol and caffeine all play their role in the hardening of the arteries that do not let the blood flow properly, resulting in increased blood pressure.

In most cases, individuals suffer from subjective tinnitus. In this type, only the sufferer can hear the noise. The triggering noise has no external source, so no one else can hear it. However, in severe cases, your specialist can also hear the noise. This is in the case of objective or Pulsatile tinnitus. Pulsatile tinnitus is an alarming condition in which you hear a noise with every heart-beat. This noise is dangerous because it can mean that your blood vessels have sustained damage or there is a tumor in your system.

Treating Tinnitus

ringing-in-the-ears-sounds-tinnitus-info-02Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a common treatment to help treat Tinnitus. These therapy sessions help straighten out your thought patterns and make you re-think your reactions towards sounds that trigger your emotions. CBT is a tool that most specialists recommend because it helps patients handle stressful situations better.

Use hearing aids and auditory devices that produce white noise. This special white noise masks the triggering sounds and reduces the symptoms of tinnitus greatly. You can also sign up for a special therapy that is specific to Tinnitus treatment i.e. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.

These sessions aim to help sufferers manage their reactions. In addition to that, the sessions also include tinnitus-masking techniques. This special therapy attempts to change your perception towards the sounds. After completing your sessions, you will no longer feel irritation towards the triggering sounds. Instead, you will hear them as any other normal sound.

Moreover, you must avoid taking drugs that can enhance your tinnitus symptoms, especially the use of aspirin, anti-biotics and anti-depressants.


If you have noticed the buzzing, hissing and ringing symptom in your ears, it means that you have developed Tinnitus. You must consult a clinician or a specialist immediately because it is vital to evaluate and get to know about the underlying problems that may have led to tinnitus. After conducting tests and thoroughly examining your condition, your specialist will recommend you the most suitable treatment options.

Do not feel helpless, especially when professional help is very easily available. For the only mistake you do not want to make is waiting too long to take an action? Schedule your appointment with the best Tinnitus Specialist in NYC today and find out about your condition in detail.

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