What is Audio Therapy for Tinnitus

sound-therpy-for-tinnitus-relief-nyc-specialist-01Audio therapy for tinnitus uses real noise to treat your perception and reaction to Tinnitus. Stephen Geller Katz, LCSW-R uses sound therapy in his Tinnitus Cognitive Retraining Therapy to help patient’s deal with the pain, frustration, and anxiety of Tinnitus at the Tinnitus Cognitive Center.

What is audio therapy for Tinnitus?

Audio therapy is a form of cognitive retraining therapy seeking to eliminate the symptoms of Tinnitus through sound. Our therapists utilize proven methodologies to help you cope with your condition.

There are different approaches to sound therapy in the treatment of Tinnitus. Masking exposes a patient to a sound volume similar to their symptoms. Distraction seeks to replace the sound of tinnitus with something from the environment, and habituation trains the brain to classify a sound as unimportant.

Why can’t I perform audio therapy on myself?

While it is possible to purchase white noise and other machines, medical grade equipment far outpaces their commercial equivalents. Notched-music and computer modified sound emphasizing specific tones are only available on high-quality devices. These types of machines alleviate the burden of Tinnitus even after they are used and are only available in clinics such as ours.

Aside from the cost of a medical device which most insurance plans do not cover, our trained staff knows how to find and target the frequencies which cause your flare-ups. Our founder has over 20 years in the industry. An experienced consultant should be used in conjunction with psychotherapies such as cognitive retraining therapy.

The American Tinnitus Association recommends using audio therapy in conjunction with education and support from a trained professional.

What is cognitive retraining therapy?

Cognitive retraining therapy targets the core beliefs, thoughts, and automatic reactions to stimuli, replacing negative thoughts with more positive outcomes. Tinnitus Cognitive Retraining therapy uses this methodology to help you deal with your Tinnitus symptoms.

Tinnitus is incurable. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on mitigation. By targeting certain beliefs and thoughts, the desired response can replace adverse reactions.

Researchers find this method to be particularly useful. The Korean Journal of Audiology and our patients find that symptoms are more controllable over time. This leads to lower levels of anxiety and deals with everything from clinical depression and suicidal thoughts to the fear of job loss.

If left unchecked, these beliefs and thoughts have a significant impact on your life. Tinnitus sufferers reported actual job loss and even a fear of sound.

Is audio therapy for Tinnitus painful?

Audio therapy for tinnitus deals directly with sounds in the range of your tinnitus. This treatment is not soothing ASMR but effective, becoming easier over time. Your initial reaction, as indicated on the Tinnitus Handicap Index, will likely present itself during a therapy session.

Patients with acute sound sensitivity may encounter some discomfort when using amplifying devices.

When should I use audio therapy?

Audio therapy is useful when symptoms present themselves. Solutions can involve portable and bedside machines, coupled with appropriate counseling.

What other forms of therapy exist?

Other cognitive therapies exist seeking to combat the effects of tinnitus. These exercises all aim to retrain the brain to better handle flare-ups.

Aside from cognitive therapy, drugs provide some relief. However, they can have harmful side-effects including addiction. Audio therapy is a standout in treating tinnitus.

To find out more about sound therapy for tinnitus, contact the Tinnitus Cognitive Center and schedule an appointment today.



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