Are you Suffering from any of these symptoms as a result of Tinnitus? Free 15 Min Consultation.

    Mild to severe anxiety
    Triggered fight or flight

  Negative thinking
  Crying spells

  Suicidal thoughts
  Ringing in the ears

    Do you feel your family and friends don’t understand?
    Are you growing more isolated?
    Do you feel like life will never be the same?
    Are you refraining from activities that you enjoy?
    Are you fearful of losing your job?
    Do you find that your thoughts tend to be negative?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions or symptoms, then we can help.
You may be a candidate for Tinnitus Cognitive Retraining Therapy, or TCRT.  Stephen Geller Katz, LCSW-R, with over 20 years of clinical experience, a New York University graduate, developed Tinnitus Cognitive Retraining Therapy and founded Tinnitus Cognitive Center in response to the growing number of Tinnitus sufferers coming to his private practice. He discovered that by helping people to retrain and reinterpret the thoughts around their Tinnitus, anxiety and depression symptoms began to improve. But even more important so did the Tinnitus.

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Top Tinnitus Treatment Introduction

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Stephen Geller Katz and I have and over the last 10 years I have developed a highly successful therapy for tinnitus which I have named Tinnitus Cognitive Retraining Therapy or TCRT.

Mission Statement

stephen-geller-katz-LCSW-RThis blog’s mission is to provide you with hope.  Maybe you have been told there is nothing you can do or that you just have to get used to it.

I am telling you right now that there is plenty you can do and you don’t have to just get used to it.

If you have found my site it was probably no accident.  You are definitely desperate to get some help for  this disturbing condition.  The good news is that there is hope.  My therapy has been successful in helping countless sufferers of tinnitus to lower the volume and intensity and as well as decrease the depression and anxiety that accompany and team up to actually feed the tinnitus.

Many people who come to me are desperate for hope and are even more stressed by the “doom and gloom” they encounter on the internet and from many of their doctors.  It’s this type of negative information that makes people feel helpless and even increases the tinnitus symptoms.

Case in point:

Peter N. reported that he had low level tinnitus for several years which did not seem to bother him.  When he mentioned that he had ringing in the ear to a friend the response was:  “You must have tinnitus.”  “What’s that?” Peter inquired.  “Look it up on the internet,” his well-intentioned friend advised.  You can probably see where this is going.  Our friend Peter went home that very night and spent several hours on the internet and after one sleepless night, he became so worked up and anxious that the tinnitus level hit the roof and his real problems with tinnitus began.  After working with me a short time Peter began to make steady progress.  Early on in treatment he made important connections between his emotions and the tinnitus level.   He then concluded:  “It was my mind that got me here and it is my mind that is getting me out.”

We can help improve your tinnitus symptoms.

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How you can Train your Brain to Ignore Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a noise only you can hear, it can extremely pestering and can become unbearable at times. However, if it is not an indication of an underlying problem (which you can determine by visiting an LCSW-R provider), then you can train your brain to ignore it.

Loud music/ noise higher than 100 dB can be the cause of tinnitus if heard continuously for 15 minutes. However, older individuals may be experience it as a result of old age. It is quite common and is experienced by 1 in every 5 individuals.

There are hardly any cases that have shown adverse problems in tinnitus sufferers, but a few cases of insomnia, anxiety, and depression have come to light in the past few years. The best way to relieve yourself of the symptoms is to get an immediate consultation with an LCSW-R in your city. As tinnitus is pretty normal, visit the physicians if the situation persists for more than 24 hours.

In any case, before training your brain to ignore the “phantom noise”, make sure that this is not objective- tinnitus nor is it the result of a medical condition. That being established, here are a few things you can do to ignore the bothersome sound.

1. Get a tinnitus treatment/consultation


Booking an appointment at the best tinnitus treatment in New York is definitely a smart idea. They will not only offer you treatment but also provide you with recommendations to ignore the noise perception. A professional consultation can be very effective in calming the symptoms of any disease and this applies to tinnitus as well.


2. Use relaxation techniques

tinnitusSome might argue that trying to relax can increase the attention on the specific “noise”. But this does not hold true, trying to relax and calming your mind can be very effective in reducing the anxiety and depression that surrounds tinnitus. Meditation with soft music or an audiobook can be very useful in driving the brain’s attention away from the uncomfortable noise. Calming teas, diffusing relaxation oils and tai chi can help you get through this troubling health condition.

3. Stay active

Being busy and concentrating on other activities can diffuse the uncomfortable ringing in your ears. A vacation, more work or even shopping can definitely help your brain ignore the tinnitus. Spending time with your children or pets can be very effective in shifting the focus from your symptoms.

tinnitus4. Exercise

Exercise definitely increases the body’s stamina to cope with problems like tinnitus. The movement will help your brain pay more attention to the sore muscles rather than the nagging noise in your ear. This is also effective in reducing any insomnia symptoms that you may be experiencing as a result of tinnitus. The exercise will tire your body and help you sleep better.


Our first and foremost recommendation is to visit a tinnitus treatment center in New York. Once it is determined that your body is in perfect health you can proceed by following the above recommendations to dampen the symptoms.


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