Tinnitus Sound Therapy Treatments

Tinnitus Sound Therapy TreatmentsTinnitus is a condition that results in a roaring or a ringing sound in the ear. The sound is generated inside the brain, and some doctors think this occurs when a person experiences hearing loss or other damage to the auditory nerve that carries signals from the outside world into the brain. In the absence of these external signals, the brain creates its own noise, which is experienced as sound by the person who is affected. The effects of tinnitus vary from person to person. It appears that people who focus on the sound produced as a result of tinnitus are significantly more debilitated by their condition. One technique that has shown exceptional promise to alleviate suffering from tinnitus is sound therapy. Stephen Katz is a top NYC tinnitus treatment psychotherapist, and he

Masking Techniques

Hearing aids are one technique to reduce tinnitus, and they are thought to work by increasing the external signal. When a person with tinnitus is able to “attend,” or pay attention to another signal, the internal noise generated by the brain diminishes. Use of a hearing aid is one type of sound therapy treatment, and the introduction of additional external sound stimulation masks the internal “tinnitus.”

White noise machine provide another useful therapy for masking tinnitus. By training the person with tinnitus to “attend” to the white noise, their focus on the annoying tinnitus is diminished. Stephen Katz, a top Manhattan tinnitus treatment psychotherapist, explains that although these masking techniques are still considered experimental, many patients have reported significant benefits.

What is a Masking Device?

A masking device may be about the same size as a hearing aid. The white noise produced by a masking device is more pleasant than the tinnitus to the person who is experiencing the problem. Some masking devices may include a combination of a hearing aid and white noise. The addition of a hearing aid will enable the person who is being treated to attend to external stimuli from both the environment AND from the white noise. Attention is an important component to consider when treating tinnitus. Stephen Katz, a leading Manhattan tinnitus treatment psychotherapist, uses a variety of training techniques to help patients manage the effects of tinnitus. These effects can be annoying, and they can result in disruptions of all areas of the patient’s life. A white noise machine will produce artificial sound or introduce natural sound into the patient’s ear, and although some patients find it effective, a small number of patients are as disturbed by their masking device as they are by the initial tinnitus that prompted treatment.

What Works Best?

What is a Masking Device?If you have tinnitus, you may have been told that there is no cure for your condition. However, you can certainly adapt to tinnitus, which will greatly improve your ability to live with this problem.  Stephen Katz, a tinnitus treatment psychotherapist in NYC, recommends exploration of all clinical modalities for treatment, and he has successfully treated many patients who have experienced a significant reduction in the distress they have as a result of their tinnitus.

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