Can I get Tinnitus Because of my Location

Can you get tinnitus because of your location? A person with tinnitus hears ringing, buzzing, whistling, hissing, or chirping when no physical sound is present. This condition is usually a symptom of either auditory or respiratory-related problems. Tinnitus can cause serious difficulty in sleeping and concentration. The severity of tinnitus can range from mild inconvenience to life-changing condition.

What Causes Tinnitus

Prolonged exposures to noise are the leading cause of tinnitus. Over 90% of tinnitus patients have induced hearing loss. What happens is that the cochlea in the ear gets permanent damage because of noise. The severity of the damage depends on the exposure of noise. Pilots, street repair workers, carpenters, and rock musicians are at high risk of developing tinnitus.

Other conditions and problems can induce tinnitus too. Ear and throat infections cause blockage in the ear and can aggregate the build-up of ear wax.  The build-up of ear wax can easily lead to mild tinnitus, which can grow severe if not treated within time. Other ear and respiratory conditions can be an underlying cause of tinnitus like hyperacusis, bronchitis, and respiratory obstruction.

Natural aging process deteriorates the cochlea and other parts of the ear. Tinnitus is also a potential side effect of certain antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, and quinine medications.

Location: Chances of Tinnitus in Noisy Places

By now, you know how exposing yourself to noise and living in noisy areas can turn out to be very bad for your ears. If you live in a very noisy place, you have fair chances of developing tinnitus. This is one of the reasons people should not live too near to a train stations, construction sites, and airports.

If you frequently go to attend concerts and music shows then you might want to cut down on that a little.  If your work requires you to live most of your day or night in the club where there is loud thudding of music, you are at high risk of developing.

People working in garbage disposals throughout the day are also likely to suffer from tinnitus later on. Similarly, people who live or work at or near jet flyovers are at a huge risk of damaging their cochlea and developing tinnitus.

Most importantly, you should have ear protection such as earplugs and earmuffs. If you work at airport and construction sites, then make sure you use high-quality ear protection. If you already experience hearing loss, then use a hearing aid to restore your hearing.

Use headphones or earphones that provide noise-canceling option when you have to listen to music or other audio content.

Preventive Measures

If you live at or near any of the places mentioned above, then you must change your locality. If your career demands you to live or work in such places, you must take extra care and precautionary measures to prevent ear damage.

Install soundproof windows where you live or work. Heavy curtains on windows can help block some of the noises. Carpets can absorb noises to an appreciable extent. Installing thick carpets is a very good idea to avoid the echo of noise. Fill in the empty spaces with furniture and stuff that can absorb or block noise to a little extent.


It is best to get in touch with a proper ENT specialist or an Otologist, so they can examine your ear and help you take preventive measures. If you experience tinnitus then contact us at 646-213-2321 to book a consultation. Treat your tinnitus with best of our cognitive therapies before it gets too late.

Stephen Geller Katz LCSW at the Tinnitus Cognitive Center offers advanced cognitive therapies for treating tinnitus.

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