Do I Need An ENT Doctor to Treat My Tinnitus?

Do you need An ENT doctor to treat your tinnitus? Sometimes, you may start hearing a ringing sound in your ears. This usually occurs after you get a bad infection in your ear, or you have heard a loud noise. The ringing sound can be very inconvenient and irritating, but it finally falls down. But what if it does not subside and stays with you forever? In America, more than 50 million people suffer from chronic tinnitus.

Do ENT doctors treat tinnitus?


This condition involves hearing sensitivity. Because of this, a person hears ringing in the ears or a noise that does not come from an external source. A basic issue is that the tinnitus affects about 20 to 15 percent of the people. Tinnitus is not a condition on its own but a symptom of various conditions. These include circulatory system disorder, ear injury, or age-related hearing loss.

The tinnitus is not always a sign indicating something serious, but it can be worse if you are aging.  Treating an identifiable cause can sometimes help. Other treatment methods mask the noises or reduce it, making tinnitus less visible. Tinnitus is of two types:

·       Subjective tinnitus

In subjective tinnitus, the affected person can only hear a sound. It can occur due to ear problems inside your inner, outer, or middle ear. It can also occur due to issues of hearing in the part of your brain that stands in between the nerve signals.

Objective tinnitus

In this type of tinnitus, only your doctor can hear when they are examining. This may occur because of a problem in your middle ear bone, muscle contractions, or blood vessels. No one can give you treatment, but only the local ENT doctor who specializes in treating tinnitus can tell you what type you have. Then, they can give you a very good and perfect treatment for this condition. Here are some of the ways an ENT doctor will help treat your tinnitus:

Treatment for Tinnitus

To treat tinnitus, doctors will first find out the best method that suits your symptoms. If you have tinnitus because of a health condition, the doctor will slowly take steps that can reduce the noise by treating that condition. These conditions involve:

·       Earwax removal

Removing the impacted earwax from your ear can decrease symptoms of tinnitus.

·       Treating a blood vessel condition

If you suffer from vascular conditions, an ENT doctor may suggest surgery, medication, or a different treatment.

·       Changing your medication

If you suffer from tinnitus because of certain medications you take from your doctor, your ENT doctor will change the medication or stop your usage of that drug.

Noise suppression

In some cases, white noise may prove helpful to suppress bothersome sounds. Your doctor will recommend that you use something electronic to suppress the sound.

·       White noise machines

Devices that create sounds of the environment, such as ocean waves and rain, are very helpful in reducing the noise, making them an effective treatment for tinnitus. You can also try a white noise machine, which can be very helpful while sleeping. Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and fans can reduce the sound of tinnitus and help you sleep.

·       Hearing aids

This can be very useful if you cannot hear properly as well they are good in tinnitus.

·       Masking devices

This is similar to a hearing aid, and you have to wear this device on your ear. This device produces white noises endlessly, so it reduces the symptoms of tinnitus.

·       Tinnitus retraining

A wearable device that can mark the frequencies of the tinnitus you are experiencing. By using this technique, you will start living a normal life and avoid tinnitus sounds. Eventually, the device will help you forget and avoid hearing the sound. Counseling can be very helpful for retraining tinnitus.

ENT doctors & tinnitus


Drugs can sometimes help to reduce the tinnitus symptoms, but the side effects can be a little dangerous such as nausea and drowsiness.

Diagnosis with Tinnitus

An ENT doctor will ask you the following questions while diagnosing your condition:

  • Tell the doctor everything about the pain
  • Explain which ear you are experiencing pain in
  • Explain how the sound comes to you: is it high or low pitched? Is it a swooshing or roaring sound?
  • They will ask if you have ever noticed that the noise changes pitch or volume. You need to make a diary and share it with the ENT doctor
  • You need to tell the ENT doctor if the sound gets worse while eating or performing any other tasks
  • You should inform the ENT doctor of any herbal remedies or medication you are taking

Conclusion: Consult with Tinnitus Treatment Expert Stephen Geller Katz LCSW

Stephen Katz has extensive experience in helping people suffering from tinnitus. The reason is that tinnitus is usually a symptom of another problem, so once that problem is solved, you will feel better. Dr. Katz will provide the best treatment options for tinnitus. To schedule an online appointment, contact us at 646-213-2321. You can also visit our website for further details about the conditions we treat.

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