Tinnitus Symptoms

What are the Symptoms of Tinnitus?

The symptoms of Tinnitus and Tinnitus treatment options are as varied as the people who suffer from this condition. The first step to understanding the symptoms of Tinnitus is to understand that this condition is actually a symptom. Numerous things can cause Tinnitus, from an ear infection to working in a job where there is a great deal of noise.

Tinnitus merely means a ringing sound in your ears, which cannot be immediately explained by external stimuli. You have nothing ringing around you, yet you hear it constantly. It can also be a variety of other sounds including clacking, chirping, buzzing, hissing, and even roaring. It can range from being very mild and almost unnoticeable; to being so loud you cannot hear anything else. Severe cases are extremely rare, despite how commonplace the condition is, with 15% of all Americans suffering from some form.

SymptomsTinnitus Symptoms

Symptoms include a variety of sound options, roaring, hissing, buzzing, chirping, clicking, clacking, and ringing. The sound can be a single tone or multi-tonal. It can go up and down in volume, depending on a wide range of factors. This leads to a variety of other symptoms.

Additional Symptoms

Additional symptoms include depression, irritability, trouble sleeping, and problems with concentrating. It can contribute to or be caused by certain types of hearing loss, so people often attribute hearing loss to one of the symptoms of Tinnitus.

There are numerous treatment options available, although currently there is no cure for the condition. This may be due to the numerous causes. However, numerous ringing ears treatment options have proven to be effective.

Tinnitus SymptomsIf you are suffering from ringing ears or Tinnitus don’t delay, don’t put off treatment for another day. You could be missing an increased quality of life. A properly-trained medical professional can diagnose your symptoms and help you create the perfect treatment plan for your needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment in the New York City area, contact our office of professionals.

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