The Best Holistic Treatments for Curing Tinnitus

The Best Holistic Treatments for Curing TinnitusDo you suffer from a ringing in the ears that’s happening all too often? If so, then there’s a chance that you’re suffering from tinnitus – but don’t worry, since there are several natural treatment options out there which can help. Most experts view tinnitus as a condition which causes ringing in the ears, however, this can also be manifested as other abnormal sounds and sensations. For many, tinnitus symptoms will eventually go away as the ears adjust, however, if you have been dealing with tinnitus for some time, you might want to try one of these natural treatment options.

#1. Counseling and Coping Strategies:

Experts recommend that patients suffering with tinnitus become as educated as possible about the condition and learn how to best deal with the symptoms. This could include getting educated on biofeedback in order to control your stress reaction to tinnitus sounds, for example. If tinnitus is really beginning to get you down or make you anxious, then talking with a counselor can help you manage the emotional side effects.

#2. Avoiding Prescription Drugs or Alcohol:

The Best Holistic Treatments for Curing TinnitusResearch has shown that some prescription and over-the-counter drugs, even simple painkillers, have been known to make the symptoms of tinnitus worse. Smoking, and drinking too much alcohol, are also linked to tinnitus and can worsen the symptoms. If you believe that your medication could be the root cause of your tinnitus, then speak to your doctor about lowering your dose or switching to a different brand.

#3. De-Stress:

If you are super stressed all the time, then this can lead to inflammation in your body, a main cause of tinnitus and other ear problems such as infections and vertigo. Along with that, being stressed out can make dealing with the symptoms of tinnitus worse due to the fact that it changes how your brain reacts to the sounds heard. Chronic stress can reduce your immunity and make you more susceptible to infections, nerve damage, allergies and other ear problems. Natural stress relievers such as exercise, yoga, meditation, and calming essential oils can help tackle a tinnitus problem brought on by stress.

#4. Remove Earwax:

The Best Holistic Treatments for Curing TinnitusIf you have excessive earwax, this could be a main contributing factor to your tinnitus symptoms. However, be careful when dealing with this – putting q-tips or anything else into your ear to clean it can actually contribute to blockages and damage. If you are worried that you have too much earwax which could be causing a health problem, then speak to your doctor about having it drained.

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