Tinnitus Treatment

Individuals suffering from tinnitus often struggle with many daily tasks. Depending on the severity of the condition as well as how often the patient suffers from it, doctors may recommend one or more tinnitus treatment options. The condition, which is the perception of noise or a ringing sound in the inner ear is not uncommon, but it does require care from a trained LCSW-R provider in New York City.

What Treatment Options Exist?

The first step is to diagnose and treat any underlying health condition causing the condition to occur. In many cases, your doctor will determine there is some type of underlying condition that can be related to the cause. If this is the case, your doctor will treat it properly. This may include:

    • Removing a buildup of earwax that often can cause or worsen the symptoms of this condition
    • Treating any existing blood vessel condition that is causing it, which may include through the use of medication or surgery
    • Changing a medication that may be causing it, depending on the need for that medication.

There are other treatment options available as well. In some situations, the goal is to reduce the sound to make it more bearable. Your doctor may recommend doing this through the use of:

    • Hearing aids to improve sound and reduce other risk factors contributing to the noise
    • Using white noise machines that can help to block out the sound
    • Masking devices can also be used to produce a low level of white noise to suppress the condition.

Your doctor may elect to use medications to treat tinnitus as well. Some medications including tricyclic antidepressants and alprazolam are used to help reduce symptoms and to provide better overall satisfaction with other treatments when paired with them. Medications often have side effects your doctor will need to address as well. Alternative medication is yet another treatment plan your doctor may recommend.

The use of specific supplements, hypnosis, and acupuncture may also lead to improvement in symptoms as well as help patients to overcome the condition.

For those who suffer from tinnitus that is significant or severe, seek out care from a trusted LCSW-R in New York City is a necessary first step. With numerous tinnitus treatment options available, it is possible for your doctor to find a solution that can help you overcome this condition for good or learn to live with it in a better way.

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