Community for Sufferers of Tinnitus

Community for Sufferers of Tinnitus

community-for-people-with-tinnitus-new-york-01Community is very important for many reasons. It is important to know that you are not alone and that others understand your pain. Joining groups of people that get your pain can help to validate you and your experiences. Validation is very important especially with something like tinnitus because since the patient is the only one that can hear the ringing they may feel that they are going insane. Having sound in your ears that only you can hear is a very invalidating experience but there are people in this world going through the same thing that you are. You are not alone in this experience. An estimated 32 percent of the U.S. population suffers from tinnitus. You are not alone.

Online Community for Tinnitus Sufferers

There is a very helpful online community named Tinnitus Talk. It’s a place for tinnitus sufferers of all ages. It’s a place to vent to people who can relate to your struggle and, it’s a place to get advice. The best advice of all comes from professionals who are trained to deal with such illnesses. We have multiple articles on tinnitus and how to cope with it. You can live a very peaceful and happy life by learning how to cope with this ailment. We offer services that will help you to stay mindful and conquer this problem once and for all.

This forum is divided into 14 segments. The groups are divided by specific ailments. There are three support groups in total:

One is for general support, this includes but not is limited to coping with constant ringing in the ears. The members can teach you innovative ways to deal with this ailment. Some have even found that their symptoms have lessened or disappeared completely. It always helps to have a support group full of people that understand you and are willing to help you.

Pulsatile Tinnitus

best-pulsile-tinnitus-treatment-nyc-02Another is for pulsatile tinnitus; Pulsatile tinnitus is different from regular tinnitus in that you may hear rhythmical noises that beat in time with your pulse. Pulsatile tinnitus tends to come and go and rarely stays the whole time. The pulsing is your heartbeat. Every time your heart thumps your ears thumps with it. It can be very alarming but just know that often it will fade away. I have observed that this tends to happen after the patient has been exposed to loud noises for a long period of time and the ears are overwhelmed. It is a sign that the vessels near the ear have been damaged or irritated recently.

Hyperacusis and Ear Pain

Lastly, there is a support group for Hyperacusis & Ear Pain. This one is very important because it helps tinnitus sufferers that are having a very hard time managing pain know that they are not alone. This support group gives sufferers a place to air out anything that has been bothering them and receive tips on managing the pain.

All in all, you are not alone. Community is important, and you do not have to suffer through this alone. Contact us, we can help you overcome your tinnitus and improve your mindset.



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