Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Tinnitus

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

best-Dialectical-Behavior-Therapy-nyc-01Many have heard of CBT but not as many people have heard of DBT. We have written an article about how CBT can benefit those dealing with tinnitus, but let’s discuss how DBT could benefit you as well. DBT is very similar to CBT but it instead focuses heavily on distress intolerance. It helps you to focus on feeling the emotions and not trying to actively change it, we call it radical acceptance.

DBT assumes that many of the problems exhibited by clients are caused by lack of skills. Skills involve things like distress tolerance and radical acceptance. If you lack those skills you may be distressed more often and may be filled with anxiety more often.

The failure to use effective behavior when it is needed is often a result of not knowing skillful behavior or when to use it. When a patient focuses merely on how distressing the ringing in their ears are and not on how they can fix the situation they may have a very low distress tolerance. DBT focuses on increasing this tolerance so that you can mindfully take deep breaths and assess the situation without freaking out.

best-dialectical-behavior-therapy-dbt-new-york-02Mindfulness is the name of the game for DBT. The main goal is to help you to pay attention to your body and be present in the moment. Think of all the things that you are grateful for and think of ways that your life is fulfilling to you. Instead of thinking about what would make you happier and fall into a trap of compare and despair it would benefit you to stay mindful in grateful in this moment. Grateful for the ability to breathe and take a moment out of your day to be stress-free. Even if the ringing continues you can practice radical acceptance and just accept the ringing as part of your reality.

It is your reality and you can do with it whatever you desire. Your life, your path. DBT is always about retraining unhelpful thinking patterns. DBT is not only ideal for your tinnitus it is also wonderful for your mental health. By waking up every day and being grateful you can improve your life so much.

Instead of focusing on the ringing focus on the way the ground feels beneath your feet. Focus on the sunshine on your face and accept it all. Accept your reality for what it is and be happy for this existence. This is a process that may take time and it’s okay if you find it to be a daunting task in the beginning. You can do anything and everything.

DBT will help you to embrace and improve your reality. We can offer you professional help in dealing with this problem. We are always available to help. Contact us today.

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