Treatments For Tinnitus

What are the treatments for tinnitus? Many factors can cause Tinnitus, including genetics, physical problems, noisy environments, etc. To know what is causing ringing in your ears, visit us for a thorough examination, including a close check-up of your ear. Tinnitus may also occur as a side effect of different medications. Therefore, when you come for an inspection, tell us what medication you are taking so that we can figure out the cause accurately.

If the source of your problem is not apparent, we may recommend you to consult an otolaryngologist, an otologist or an audiologist for testing your hearing, and nerves. Your examination may include an audiogram, which is a hearing test. We may also recommend imaging techniques, such as a CT scan or an MRI, to observe any structural damage.

Treatments For Tinnitus

Treatments for Tinnitus

In most cases, Tinnitus is a result of an existing condition. Treating that condition/disease helps get rid of Tinnitus. If your ear problem does not relate to any medical condition, we will suggest you other non-medical treatments like masking the unwanted noise or therapies. Some Tinnitus cases may go without any medical treatments, but some do not – they need proper treatment.

If earwax is causing Tinnitus, our doctors will clean your ears with a suction device to give you instant relief. We may prescribe ear drops, which include hydrocortisone and antibiotics, to cope with the infection. You have to make sure to use the eardrops properly to treat Tinnitus.

1.     Medications for Tinnitus

Many medications can help you recover from Tinnitus. Some low dose anti-anxiety drugs, such as Valium or Elavil, may reduce some types of Tinnitus. For some people, placing steroids inside the ear with anti-anxiety medicine (alprazolam) is helpful.

2.     Masking Devices

Tinnitus maskers are also helpful for some patients. This masking device is like hearing aid but plays a pleasant sound to fight with the noise produced by Tinnitus. New masking devices come with both functions i.e., they can act as a masker and a hearing aid.

3.     Dental Treatment

According to many professional doctors, Tinnitus may also occur due to a problem in the TMJ or temporomandibular joint. This joint is near the middle ear and connects the lower jaw with the head. Some hearing nerves also pass through this joint. If the TMJ disorder is the reason for Tinnitus, dentists realign the jawbone to provide relief.

4.     Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy is a counseling process that helps you in understanding how to modify your reaction to Tinnitus. When performed with proper medication and masking, cognitive therapy can offer some great results.

5.     Cochlear Implants

This device is useful for treating deafness. Additionally, it can be a great help for people who have Tinnitus. This device sends signals from the ears to your brain. Doctors only recommend this surgery if the cause of Tinnitus is a hearing problem.

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6.     Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)

This technique relies on the natural functioning of the brain. You hear the raindrops falling on the road or the roof when it starts raining. A few moments later, your brain ignores to hear those sounds actively. The noise of raindrops falling on the roof is still there, but your brain makes you let it go unnoticed. This is the basic principle that experts use when treating Tinnitus with TRT. There are two parts of TRT:

  • A person suffering from Tinnitus gets one-on-one counseling.
  • The tinnitus patient wears sound generators in the ear and plays some neutral sound.

7.     Biofeedback

This relaxation technique helps in stress management. Biofeedback can be helpful for some people as they change their reaction towards Tinnitus.

8.     Alternative Treatments

Some patients find relief from treatments like acupuncture, hypnosis, or magnets. There is no concrete evidence that these methods work. In some cases, people take vitamin supplements to treat the condition. According to some people, herbal supplements, zinc, or magnesium tablets have shown benefits.

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The treatment your doctor chooses for you depends on your specific case. It is essential to know what the cause of this condition is before trying any treatment. Tinnitus treatment specialist Stephen Katz LCSW can help you with your condition.

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